Veal head in sauce

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1 Kg boneless and cooked veal head
One onion
olive oil
One spoonful of sugar
400 g peeled tomatoes
One lemon
1/4 litre white vinegar of cloves

DIFFICULT: average – PREPARATION: 45 minutes – Cooking: 20 minutes


The recipe we propose will allow you to keep a veal head already cooked and serve it at the right time. It is a delicious appetizer that you will present with a green sauce and pickles. Brown a chopped onion in a little oil, add sugar and mix well, then tomatoes, juice and lemon zest and boil it all for a few moments. Put vinegar, cloves, cinnamon, and the veal head cut into pieces, season with salt and pepper and leave to cook for about ten minutes. Drain the head, put it in jars, pass the broth through the vegetable mill and reduce it by cooking it again, then pour it over the headpieces that it must cover entirely. Close the jars and sterilize them using the Tyndall process for 40 minutes each time.


Although not very popular with giblets, calf’s head could be prepared more often and could be more appealing, but for ease of use, it is usually boiled and served with a hot sauce that is not always enough to make it beautiful.
The best way to be successful with the calf’s head would be to make an excellent

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