Using Everything Bagel Seasoning to make one of the most delish snacks ever!







You will only need 5 minutes, some Fresh celery, cream cheese, and some Everything Bagel Seasoning to make one of the most delish snacks ever.

It is important that you eat some healthy meals with Low Carb and Keto to avoid gaining some extra unnecessary weight, and it is really beneficial and healthy for you to get enough meals with enough vegetables and natural ingredients. And this everything bagel celery snacks do offer you all these things at once.

Also, adding these snacks to your meals list will save you a lot of time while going through your daily journeys and taking after your little beloved ones and their needs. In this article, you will learn how to make them in a few steps.


The ingredients:


They are so simple and easy found as followed:

  • 8eight teaspoons of cream cheese
  • 4four celery sticks
  • 1 single tablespoon of everything bagel seasoning


Preparation Steps and Directions:

First, you should wash and trim the celery ends.

Second, you have to spread about 2two teaspoons of cream cheese over each stick of celery.

Third, do spread the everything bagel over the already spread cream cheese too.

Finally, do eat your yummy healthy easy-made snack. Happy appetite!



You and your family will love this everything bagel celery. It will take your mind away from the very first bite. In addition, you will be able to pack these snacks made with it to your little one’s lunchboxes for more healthiness and fun and you will not need so much time to do it!


This everything bagel seasoning contains important nutritional value because it contains:

197kcal of calories.

2g of Carbohydrates.

2g of Protein.

13g of Fat.

7g of Saturated Fat.

43 mg of Cholesterol.

139 mg of Sodium.

96 mg of Potassium.

1g of Sugar.

600IU of Vitamin.

39mg of Calcium.



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