Stew with peas

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800 g beef parts
300 g shelled peas
50 g butter
50 g tomato sauce
One slice of ham 50 g
50 g breast bacon

PREPARATION: 35 minutes-DIFFICULTY: average – Cooking: 1 hour and 30 minutes.


it’s is an excellent dish that can be frozen and occasionally served after reheating it directly on the stove and adding a little fresh cream.

Brown butter in a saucepan with a few rinsed and well dried sage leaves, add the meat pieces, salt, pepper, and brown evenly.

Remove the sage and wet with a small glass of cognac, then pour a cup of broth where you have diluted the tomato sauce and extend the cooking time by 1 hour. At this point, add the fresh ginned peas, diced ham, and lean bacon, mix well and leave on the stove for another 1/2 hour.
Turn off the gas, allow the stew to cool, then pour into a particular freezing container, if possible tightly closed and freeze.


To prepare a tasty stew, you should choose beef or veal meat that is not too lean, as it must support a long cooking time.
You will cut your piece of meat, or you will have it cut by your butcher in large dice.
For the preparation, it is useful to flour the meat a little, let it brown over high heat for a few moments, and wet it with wine, red or white. Finally, you will add tomato meat, the spices of your choice, while continuing cooking at deficient heat.

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