Sauerkraut with sausages

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1 Kg of white cabbage
One reinette apple
One onion
One glass of oil
500 g fresh sausages

DIFFICULTIES: average – Preparations: 1 hour – Cooking: 35 minutes.


Sauerkraut, with sausages, a traditional Alsatian dish, has been so well adopted throughout France that it is readily available for consumption in all markets.

However, it will be beneficial to have some canned at home. Peel an apple and grate the flesh. Brown, chopped onion in a bowl with a De of oil, add the washed cabbage drained and cut into strips and shortly after the applesauce. Extend the cooking time by 15 minutes without stopping stirring. At this point, add the sausage cut into five-centimeter pieces, make it taste good, wet with white wine, cover the stewpot, and simmer for 1 hour over low heat. Remove everything from the heat, put the sauerkraut and sausages in jars. Close tightly and sterilize for 15 minutes.


When we talk about German cuisine, we immediately think of cold cuts and many dishes made up of sausages and cabbage. That is why sauerkraut has become a little symbolic of eastern and northern cuisine, including Austria and Belgium. To the type of dishes mentioned above, it would, therefore, be necessary to add vegetable pies and delicious pastries combining oriental influences, already detectable in the sweet and sour cuisine highly appreciated in Germany and Austria.

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