Paprika Stew

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1 kg of beef meat

2 onions
1 paprika pepper
300 g tomatoes

DIFFICULTIES: average -PREPARATION: 40 minutes – Cooking: 1 hour and 30 minutes


It’s This is a dish similar to Hungarian goulash in its flavor and ingredients. Store it in jars according to our recipe, and you can treat your friends to it at any time.
Slice onions and cut the meat into pieces and sauté in a casserole dish with a little hot oil. Salt lightly. Add a small part of chili, a pinch of paprika and a spoonful of flour, mix thoroughly and wet with a glass of red wine; add two or three bay leaves, raise the flame and reduce the sauce. Season with salt, pepper, tomato flesh, stir well and cook for 1/2 hours. When the dish cooked, place it in clean, dry jars and sterilize for about 20 minutes. Keep for about twenty days.


Among the kitchen utensils, there must be a series of knives suitable for different uses. It is good to have at least four knives, one large and heavy, which will be used to cut the meat into pieces; another long and thin, with a very sharp blade, which will be used to reduce the ham into thin slices or cakes into discs. Finally, you will get a sizeable sawtooth blade knife to cut bread and a slightly smaller one with a smooth blade for vegetables.

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