NOW, you can make the BEST crispiest and most delicious low carb and keto-friendly cauliflower crust pizza in less than 30 minutes!

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This healthy lite low carb pizza is your ultimate replacement of the real pizza if you are ever on a low carb diet. This low carb and keto-friendly Cauliflower pizza does not contain the flour at all to help you stick to diet, but it will amazingly surprise you by its delicious incredible taste. The Cauliflower crust Pizza is a real lifesaver in case of being into a low carb diet that you can make it vegan by only replacing the cheese ingredient with a favorite alternative of yours. In addition, it is so natural and gluten-free. Next, we will be teaching you how to make this amazing Cauliflower low carb and keto-friendly Pizza in few easy steps and less than 30 minutes!

The ingredients:

  • One small to medium sized head of cauliflower, but one processed, you will have to add two to three cups.
  • A quarter cupof shredded parmesan cheese.
  • A quarter cupof mozzarella cheese.•One singleegg.•A quarter teaspoonof salt.
  • A half teaspoonof garlic powder.
  • A half teaspoonof basil.
  • A half teaspoon of oregano minced.
  • Onecupof marinara sauce.
  • One to two cupsmozzarella cheese.

Preparation steps and directions:

First, you should make sure that you preheat the oven to 500 degrees f. Second, you should work on removing the cauliflower stems and cut it into chunks.
Then, you should put the cauliflower into a food processor and pulse until it becomes alike the texture of rice.
Third, you should microwave the processed cauliflower in a safe microwave bowl for 4 to 5 minutes. And when it is cooled well, you should place it a kitchen towel and squeeze its liquid.

Fourth, do combine the cooked cauliflower now with the egg, the garlic, the cheese, and the seasonings.
Stir and stir until the dough texture is made and the spread it onto a lightly greased parchment paper or a pizza pan.
Fifth, you should bake the crust made for about ten to fifteen minutes until it becomescrispy.
Then, remove it from the oven and add the sauce and the cheese, but you can use whatever toppings you prefer.
Sixth, now you should place the pizza again in the oven and bake it for only two to three minutes until the cheese is fully melt.
Try towatch it carefully not to be burned.
Finally, you can now enjoy your pizza warm! Enjoy!


This Cauliflower crust low carb Pizza contains so much nutritious cauliflower that is considered to be super HEALTHY and naturally high in B vitamins and antioxidants that are so necessary to lose weight. It can be the best diet pizza alternative for you and your lovely loving family!


Serving:One slice.
99kcalof calories.
6g of Carbohydrates.
8g of Protein.
6g of Fat.
3g of Saturated Fat.
36 mg of Cholesterol.
422mg of Sodium.
335mg of Potassium.
2g of Fiber.
3g of Sugar.
305IU of Vitamin A.
37mg of Vitamin C.
150mg of Calcium.

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